fresh produce

Connecting & Representing

Our main job at Lyna Trade is to connect growers and importers worldwide. We reduce the chain by a few shackles which results in a better price for the importer and the grower. The grower will have a representative in the country of receiving and the importer will have a direct person to speak to that is in the same timezone.

fruit transport

Transport & insurance

Additional to the connecting, Lyna Trade can provide for sea or airfreight to the (air) port of destination and can arrange custom clearance and trucking to the end client. Because of the volume we ship we can negotiate better rates with the shipping companies. Lyna Trade can also provide for transport insurance if requested.

fruit quality

storage & Quality

If required Lyna Trade can provide storage and cross docking in Europe for exporters. When containers go directly to a client, Lyna Trade can organize an independent quality report so the exporter has a clear and honest image of their arrived product.