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Our Experience

We've been working with fresh produce for almost 9 years now and in that time we've worked with a lot of companies that are now part of our world wide network. 

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Our Motivation

Lyna Trade wants to make the chain between grower and importer a lot shorter. By representing growers in the receiving countries we can create a direct line between grower and customer. No additional costs.  


Social compliance

At Lyna Trade we prioritize social compliance. We explicitly work with growers who are socially certified.

Our Values

Lyna Trade strives to make produce available worldwide. No matter how big you are, we will help you get access to international markets. Lyna Trade stands for fair pricing for both growers and buyers

Our growers

Our growers are situated all over the world, from North-Africa to South-America and from Europe to New-Zealand. 

Our clients

Our clients are situated across Europed, North-America, China, South-America and the Middle East. Every market has its own wishes, because of the wide network of Lyna trade we are able to find clients for every  variety, size and category.

Why work with lyna trade?

Ready to discuss your needs or want to learn more about how we can collaborate? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you.